Ways To Use Seo Spyglass – Link Checker Tool, Effectively

Using backlink checker to identify your online presence

In online marketing, link checker tool proves to be of great use. With regard to investigating online presence of your website, SEO spy glass is considered as the best backlink checker tool. As the name suggests, a link checker tool helps in enquiring about the of your business website on major search engines. It is really important for a website to gain higher rankings on search engines. Backlink checker is very important for making out the exact place where your website stands on search engines. Moreover, success in online marketing greatly depends on the placement a website has. For measuring popularity of a website, online ranking is extremely important factor. And, a link checker tool facilitates easy tracking of your business websites’ ranks. Online ranking is affected by the quality of backlinks your website has. In this article, I shall discuss the ways of using SEO spyglass, the best link checker tool.

Online marketing is all about rankings on search engines. Almost all major search engines give importance to backlinks of the website. In fact it is one of the major requirements for getting higher placements and to gain online popularity. The phenomenon working behind backlinks to a website is very simple. When a visitor eventually visits your website because of some attractive information given on some other website, it is called a backlink. If you have a backlink from popular websites, you will get more visitors. If you aspire to beat ranking of your competitors, you must track their backlinks and try to get backlinks from those websites. But the whole process of backlink checking is very long, time consuming and complex. In this regard, a backlink checker is considered as an important tool for those who are new entrants in online marketing. The procedure of using link checker tool is very simple. The main function of backlink checker is to track your competitors’ backlinks and ensure that all the backlinks created for your website are still working.

Online ranking is all about getting valuable or so to say quality backlinks. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are efficient in differentiating between useful and useless backlinks. SEO spyglass, a link checker tool is one of the most effective backlink checker tools available in the market. It not only facilitates checking working of your websites’ backlinks but also tracks backlinks used by your competitors so that you can beat them using same backlinks. There are available with both automated as well as manual operating. SEO spyglass is gives you a traffic estimate of the sites that are sending visitors to your competition.SEO Spyglass will tell you the exact anchor texts and anchor URLs your competitors are using anchor text being the clickable part of the link. Including your primary keywords into your anchors is crucial for ranking well for the keyword. In short, it can be said that this link checker tool is the best backlink checker to assure higher online placements for your website.